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Here you can place your query about your ancestors from the Island of Fehmarn for posting on the bottom of this page.  Please type all surnames in capital letters.   It will take a few days for your query to appear on this page. Only queries about Fehmarn will be posted. Please mention Fehmarn in your Query.

Your name

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Your Fehmarn SURNAMES of interest

Please type your Fehmarn query here.

Also see archived files for the years 1999, 2000, 2001

John Williams

Fredrick Daniel Emanuel Oldenburg arrived NEW YORK May 16, 1887 Would like to know more about him.

Sherry Stafford

I know there are Mildensteins in Iowa, USA.  My own family is from the Missouri, Illinois area.  They seem to have a lot of the same names.  Does anyone know if and how they are related?

Duane A. Hoppmann

I am interested in any information on the above names.  They are my ancestors.  Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.  Duane.

Juergen P. Schultz

Karl Klüsendorf, b. 11.02.1905 in Westmärkelsdorf, Fehmarn, was born out of wedlock to Anna Nowitski, later adopted by father (?) Klüsendorf.
Residence may have been in Dänschendorf

Nancy E. Jones

I am trying to locate information about Asmus Julius Thomas Thomsen, a physician and public health officer in Kappeln, Germany, for most of his career.  Dr. Thomsen had myotonia congenita, a rare neuromuscular disease, which he was the first to describe in a paper published in 1876.  We know that this disease is genetic and that it is possible that his ancestors may
also have the disease.

We are writing a story about this disease in Quest magazine, a bi-monthly publication of the Muscular Dystrophy Association, and are looking to illustrate the article with a photograph of Asmus Thomsen.  If you have any information about him, would you please contact me as soon as possible.

Thank you for your time.

Jason Lane Smallfield

Attempting to find information on August and Dorthea (HARYERS) WITTROCK, born 4 SEP 1855 and 13 May 1852 respectively.  Came to United States on 21 July 1887 with four children.  Believe August to be born on Fehmarn but Dorthea obituary lists her birthplace as Hoenmoor, Germany.


Keith Seifert

Descendants of:
Hinrick Wulf - 10/31/1814
Jacob Wulf - 5/3/1818
Georg Wulf - 9/1824
Christian Wulf - 3/21/1822

Ron Gloe

Do you know of any Gloe's from Fehmarn? 


Dana Realey
Johannes Mecklenburg (born 1851) married to Agnes Babbe

I am looking for the parents/grandparents of Johannes Mecklenburg(born oct 17, 1851) Mother may be Margaretha A. Mecklenburg (born may 10, 1825) and how they are linked to Fehmarn.


Astrid DODDS

I seek a friend, not an ancestor.  She is Ute NEUWOHNER, or she was when she was about 20 years old in 1959 when I met her at an international student workcamp in Germany and, later, visited her and her family at Burg on Fehmarn in September 1959 for a few days.  We stayed in touch by letter for a few years but then lost contact.  How can I find out if there are any NEUWOHNER family members on Fehmarn now who could put me in touch with her?

Jeanette Bower
Riessen, and Clausen, Mass and Harenberg,Schamahl

Johannes H. Riessen DOB 1/27/1864 Fehmarn, wife Luise Clausen DOB 7/12/77
Johannes Riessen father was Claus Riessen DOB 2/22 1813 & mother Anna Maass DOB 8/15 l827
Luise Clausen Father was Jurgen Friederich Clausen 11/26/ 1835 and mother is
Juliana Frederica Elisabeth Harenberg DOB 6/19/1841


Denise Steen

I am looking for my grandfathers information on the ship and date he came to America from Sahrensdorf.  He was known as Peter Mathias (or Matthews) Steen.  I believe he came over 1921 I believe.  He was born October 28, 1905.


Willi Ibsen

List of Name and History


Marlene Miller

Searching for information on great-grandfather Lewis TIMM, born 1846.  Immigrated to Michigan in 1860's.  Died July 1910 in Three Rivers, Michigan.  Descendants in Michigan and Nebraska.

David Overdick
George Henry Overdieck

George Henry Overdieck was my great-grandfather.  He claimed to be an orphan when he came to this country around 1895.  He stowed away on a ship, therefore he has does not appear on any manifests.  We are also unclear what port he might have come through to America. He "Americanized" our name during WW1, and dropped the e, hence my name of Overdick.  My family has always suspected that he was not an orphan and we are currently looking for any information anyone might have.

Joe Miller

I am trying to locate any descendents of Nikolaus Wendel last known address of Hof Nr. 4, Blieschendorf born August 26 1873 in Avendorf and died April 14, 1945 in Blieschendorf.   He was married to Nikoline Hofeldt who was born October 10, 1876 in Wulfen.  I believe he had a son Jürgen Wendel.  Last contact with any family was 1958.

Sue Sambdman
Sambdman, Hagelstein, Riessen, Schau, Scheel

I am trying to find information on Frederick Sambdman(n).  He was born July 6, 1853 and married Catherina Dorothea Hagelstein on February 26, 1879 in Landkirchen.  I have been told his parents are Fritz Sambdman and Margaretha Sagar and that it is possible that they were not married but have been able to find no further information.  Any info on either of these people would be helpful.  Thanks!


Paula Bialek

My Great-Great Grandfather was Heinrich Hofeldt.  He married Elsiba Bandholtz before immigrating to the US in mid 1850s.  I am looking for Elsiba's (Elizabeth in the US) family and would like to know if the Bandholtz family is from Fehmarn Island.




My relativ Lars Magnus Petersson born in Sweden, 1850,51,30/6. Immigreted to Fehmarn 1877. Married Johanna Karlsson 1877, 26/9. Hanna, Johanna Karlsson dead 1888,12/7. Lars Magnus married Katharina Maria Sparbel 1888, 17/10, Vadersdorf. I cant find when Lars Magnus dead or where. I am interessted in everything about the family. And if I have relativs in Germany today???


Pasi Pöllänen
papepo@utu.fi, pasi.pollanen@fimnet.fi


In 1396, one Erik Larsson, whose offspring used later the surname "Wilcken" in the 15th-16th century and the surname "Husgafvel" from the 17th century, arrived in Vehkalahti/Vekkelaks (Hamina/Fredrikshamn) in Finland and obtained land exempt of taxes (frälse) in return of his services to the King. There is more about this Erik Larsson in:


His coat of arms is in the House of the Nobility in Stockholm (nr. 2102). According to the tradition, which one family member has mentioned in the Turku Court in association of examination of the rights of the nobility in 1623, Erik Larsson had this coat of arms already when he came to Finland. The coat of arms is visible in the address:


Any observations of a similar coat of arms in Fehmarn or anywhere?

Please pay special attention to fig.13 in the page about Erik Larsson. In this figure, the Hausmark of one Wilcken of Fehmarn is shown (the photograph is from your page, I hope it can be used for this special purpose) and the corresponding Hausmarks of two Wilckens who have lived in Vehkalahti/Vekkelaks, are shown. They are strikingly similar.

The father of Erik Larsson was Lars/Lafrenz/Laurens/Laurentius/Lorens etc. Do you have knowledge of any Lars (Wilcken) who has lived on Fehmarn in the 14th century?

Please see my personal line to the Wilckens (Vilken) of Vehkalahti/Vekkelaks in:


That is only one branch of the family. There are several others still alive.

We would be grateful for any information on the Wilckens on Fehmarn.

With Best Regards,

Pasi Pöllänen
M.D., Ph.D., Docent
Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology

P.S. Erik Larsson came to Vehkalahti/Vekkelaks in 1396, when the Queen Margareta had just been invited to be the Ruler of the Kalmar Union. Erik has probably been pro-Danish or a Dane; otherwise he would not have got privileges in that time.



I am searching for the family of Margaret WILKEN who was born February 14 1898 where I do not know.  She married Emil J MILDENSTEIN who was born July 21 1897 in Danschendorf. She passed on March 31 1978 in Battle Creek IA USA.  She had siblings named Matt, Carl, Henry, Molly and Dora.  I do not know whether the family immigrated before or after her birth.  Her picture is in the photo section of this site.  Her SSDI is listed as Maggie MILDENSTEIN  so that has been no help.  I enjoy this Fehmarn site immensely-what a great job you are doing.  Thanks


Linda Risinger
Reiss, Blunck

My grandmother on my father's side, Dora Vadersen born 5/24/1899 in Danschendorf married Heinrich Wilhelm Reiss in 1907 in the US. Here he was known as Henry William Reisz. I have very little info on the Reiss family and would like to find more.
My g-grandfather on my mother's side was August Blunck, born on Fehmarn but I know next to nothing beyond that point.  Any help would be appreciated.

Jude Lesemann
Lesemann, Tiedemann

Looking for information on both families...just starting but have info that they came from Fehmarn.



My great great grandfather was Theodore WIEPERT a furrier who lived in Clerkenwell London in 1854 his daughter was named Martha WIEPERT WHO MARRIED GEORGE PLUMER also afurrier I wonder if Anyone with those names are recorded in any records            THANK YOU


Marlene Miller

Looking for information on a location called Timmendorfer Strand in the state of Schleswig-Holstein and on Lewis Timm, born 1846.

Darliene Passama

Looking for the birth parents of Bertha Anne Bahr born 11 Oct. 1876, Fehmarn. She was living near Denison, Iowa in 1885 with Daniel and Anna Bahr.

Gertrude Fresenburg
Rauert, Rawert, Robert

My husband,s ancestors were Rauerts but do not know what part of Germany they came from.
Great grandfather's name John Gerhard Rawert *   around 1790 Wife name Catherina  ?
Know of a Gerhard Rawert. Could be a brother.
Other than this information I do not know where to begin to look for records.

Gertrude Fresenburg
St. Louis, Mo. U.S.A.

Jackie Champagne
Charles Sievers

Interested in Sievers, was in Fehmarn before the civil war, moved to New Orleans after.

Fritz Kruse
Scharenburg, Schumacher

I have a marriage record for Satow, Mecklenburg-Schwerin showing Johann Christian Scharenburg and
Anna Sophia Dorothea Schumacher. Father of groom was Christian Hartwig Friedrich Scharenburg from
Todendorf aus Fehmarn. Looking on any info on these two surnames. Marriage was 17 June 1831.



I am searching for family around Joachim Stresow, protestant priest, born 22.02.1643 in Landkirchen(Fehmarn). Might there be a family relation to the Stresow for which you have a picture on the site?
His wife was called Catharina Leuchter - perhaps she also came from Fehmarn?


Charles came from Fehmarn to New Orleans in the time of the civil war, he was alone or with a sibling.

Dennys Lehwald

Dear researchers,

I am searching for the family of Juergen Christian Thede, born in Grossenbrode, Holstein. I don't know, when he was born, it must be around 1830. He moved to Hamburg and married Gesa Pein on 24th of October 1854 in Hamburg-Altona. He is my GGGGrandfather. Thank you for any information concerning this part of my family.


Denise Schloder
Siemsen and Jacobs

I am looking for information concerning my Great Grandfather Jurgen Siemsen and my Great Grandmother Magdalena Jacobs. 
I don't know much about him except that he died June of 1943 and is burried in  Billings, Montana.  He married Magdalena
Jacobs on 3/11/1892 in Nebraska.  My Great Grandmother is Magdalena Jacobs.  She was born in Tonning,
Schleswig-Holstein German on 8/6/1873.  Her parents' names are Katerina Storman and August Jacobs.  She came to
U.S. in 1885 and resided in Nebraska. Her alien registration number was 5891944

Karen Nihsen Wagoner

I need the descendents of  Claus Matthaus Heinrich Nissen, Heinrich Jacob Nissen, Christine Henriette Elisabeth Nissen, Meta Dorothea Helene Nissen, Caroline Mathilde Nissen, Emma Gertrude Theodora Nissen.  (They were some of the children of Claus and Dorothea Lafrenz Nissen  and siblings to my grandfather, Nico Nissen, of Staberdorf, Fehmarn.)    Thanks!

Kaja Voldbæk
Heinrich Wetendorf

I am looking for ancestors of Heinrich Wetendorf, born in Fehmarn about 1818. He moved to Copenhagen where he married Nielsine Oline Kroyer 29 July 1848. His name is often spelled Wettendorf/Wetendorph/Wetendorff/Wittendorf, but his name is spelled Wetendorf at his death 12 January 1876. Maybe someone has records that ties in with his family.
Thanks - Kaja

Alys Wilder Smith

I recently learned that my grandfather, HANS WILDER, was from Fehmarn.  A misprint over the years had him from Petersburg, not Petersdorf.  With great delight I have learned that he had sisters and more brothers than any of us heard of.  My father is the youngest of fourteen children of Hans, born in April 1843 of Claus Wilder and Gertrude Schwank.  It was thrilling to find your site and read your sister's letters and see some of the area.  Noone in the family knew of my grandfather's family and I have been searching for years.  Thanks to you and your Home Page listing family names.  My grandfather emigrated to Chicago, Illinois when young eventually settling in Minnesota.
Have you met any Wilder's still living in Fehmarn?
Thank you.          Alys Wilder Smith

Dianne Randell

WITTROCK, Matilda or Tercha m. Jacob Bollen arrived Brisbane Queensland, Australia on 19th Dec. 1865 on "La Rochelle".  They came from Berg, Holstein. I have nothing on her or her husband, apart from the above information, re their lives in Germany.  She is my G G Grandmother.


Suche Hermann Christian oder Johannes Theede Landkirchen Fehmarn

Looking for Hermann Christian or Johannes Theede Landkirchen, Fehmarn

Hans  Schmütsch


Gertrude Fresenburg
Rauert Rawert Robert

Can anyone help me get information on a John Gerhard Rauert. Born: about 1790 Gerhard Rauert  Born 1816 Do not know the maiden names of the above two men wives.  Only know that one of the wive's name could be Catherine. I am told they came from Germany. But the earlier ancestors could have come from Fehmarn. Johan Gerhard and Catherine? I am told had four children Elisabeth, Ann Gertrude (My husband's grandmother) and a Catherine Rauert, Henry Rauert.
Thanks for any help someone can give me.
Gertrude Fresenburg
St. Louis, Mo.

Merlyn Law
Miller, Claussen, Huebner

Looking for information on Claus Miller the father of John B Miller born in October 1872.  Claus's wife was Henrietta Schneider


Monika Grooz geb. Ibsen

Mein Vater Karl Ibsen war ein uneheliches Kind. Sein Vater hies Voss. Den Vornamen weiss ich nicht. Das Elternhaus von Herrn Voss war das Voss-Haus am Südstrand von Fehmarn. Herr Voss war Architekt. Ich würde gerne erfahren, wann Herr Voss verstorben ist und ob er Nachfahren hat ausser meinem Vater.

Lee Springer

Looking for info on Springer family and pic of coat of arms

Hark Weidling
Weidling, Wethling

I just wanted You know to know that the name Wethling is just a spelling or reading error in Fehmarn church registries. Meant is clearly the name Weidling, who came once from the area "Leng in preussisch Solm", whereever this might have been. I am researching this theme.
With best regards, Hark Weidling, Hamburg, Germany


Liz van Sluys(nee Gattsche) NZ

Could I please have help on my ancestors. The only link that I can find is Heinrich Gottsche Birth date 1833 Fehmarn. Married Henrietta Bannister 1867.(They later migrated to Australia) Parents should be Heinrich Gottsche and Lena Hartman. It is the parents that I am looking for. I have found a lot of Gottsche's but no link to my family.
I would appreciate any help. Thank you.

John Good
Eilt Osterkamp or Eleit Osterkamp

My wifes mothers maiden name was Osterkamp.  We have been searching where they came from but have come to so many brick walls.  We know that her great grandfather (mentioned above) came to Baltimore in 1865.  But that is as much as we have been able to find out.  In the census he is listed as coming from Austria or Bavaria but these have proved to be dead ends.  Hoping you can help shed some light on the Osterkamps.
Thank you for any help.
John J. Good
Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Carolyn Frisbie

Tracing ancestry of Hans Nicholas Mildenstein, born Feb. 8, 1845, Schlagsdorf.  Possible ancestry in Saxony, Mildenstein Castle

John Henry Kluver Jr
Kluver - Kluever

My great great grandfather come to the U.S.A. in 1904 & came through Ellis Island.


Sherry Stafford

I have found two Nicholas Mildensteins in the US census for 1870. Nicholas Mildenstein age 25 (boarder-no family listed) in census for Lincoln County, MO. Nicolaus Mildenstein age 35(wife Catharina, daughter Anna) in census for Scott County, Iowa.  How are these two Nicholas Mildensteins related?

Lafrenz Dammlos

Interested in any information about Hans Lafrenz born 1843 on Ferhmarn.  He married Emma Amalia Dammlos at Petersdorf in 1865. He came to Australia in approximately 1868.

Hans' father's name was Peter but mother's name unknown to me.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


James Druhl came over about 1869, Dora Schultz somewhere between then and 1872.  I have a picture of Dora showing a BURG Fehmarn photographer on the back.   Dora's father was Johannes Schultz born 1820 died 1892, his wife Kathrina...Doras siblings are Henry John Wilhelm, August Amelia ...nothing on James Druhl, looking for anything.

Ralph Brien

I wonder if my great-grandmother Louisa Hintz might be connected. She was the illegitimate daughter of Friderica Honersherk (sp?) and Carl Hintz (I think), on 14 Feb 1840 in Neustadt, Holstein (again, I think--for sure it was Neustadt, but there are many). Carl married Friderike Hauschildt from Eldena, also on the Baltic, in 1842, and they raised Louisa as their own in Wredenhagen, Mecklenburg-Schwerin. I could not find a Honersherk or anything like it in the 1840 census of Neustadt. Magnificent website! Danke schön.  Ralph Brien

Roxanne Johnson
Wohler & Jager

Just started tracing my tree.  I My Great Great Grandparents were Peter Wohler (born 1853) and Gertrude Jager (born 1861) They had 7 daughters and 3 sons.  Left Hamburg Germany and arrived at Ellis Island May 31,1902.  I have record Gertrude was from te Island of Fehmarn

Ruby Krull

Hi,looking for any information on my g.g.grand parents and thier family.Names were Freidrich Krull born Feb 4,1847 and Minnie.Don't know her last name.They came to IL.sometime between 1881 -1886 with thier 4 children.Emma,Ida,Anna and Otto.Freidrich mothers name was given as Lizzie on his death record of 1916.It was told that he was a high ranking officer in Franco-Prussia Army.On an IL census record it gave my grandfathers(Otto) birth place as Schleswig.I am so hopeing it ties in with the Krulls in Fehmarn. Appreciate any help.
                                                 Ruby Krull

Denise Wallack
Mildenstein, Nicholas/Voss, Caroline/Thorston, Emma

I am looking for information relating to Nicholas Mildenstein who married Caroline Voss.  They settled in Iowa, USA.  Nicholas and Caroline had at least one son William who married Emma Thorston of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.  Willam and Emma had four children, Floyd, Harold, Verna and Dorothea. There are relatives in Iowa, Minnesota.  Please if anyone has any information, please let me know.  thank you

Clarine Andresen

Andresen, Elsabe b. Abt. 1781 Gammendorf, Fehmarn.  M. Kruse, Christian 15 Dec 1813.  Would like to know the names of the parents to this Elsabe.  Sincerely, Clarine Andresen

Carol Rawert Trainer

Hi, I was browsing the RAWERT name on the internet and I came across an inquiry on the name.  My greatgrandfather Henry Gerhard Rawert came to Louisville, Ky in 1867 from Heek, Westfalen, Germany.  I have done extensive research with the help of recently located family members in Heek and Ahaus in Westfalen Germany.  Maybe we can share info and find a connection.  Rawert is not a common name.

I am searching for relatives of Henry Gerhard RAWERT and Hermann Heinrich RAWERT, brothers who immigrated from Heek, Ahle Westfalen Germany to Louisville, KY in 1867.  I have information on the Rawert family descendency back to the 1600's but would like to know more about the siblings, etc.

Mats Sjoden

My grandfather Ferdinand Pruess was born i Kiel 19 febr 1879.
His mother was Gertrud Margareta WETENDORF. I don´t know when she was born. She was not married with the father of Ferdinand, Ferdinand Heinrich Theodor Pruess, and she left the child as "kostkint".
The father later took the child to Sweden and adopted him.
I´m looking for ancesters to Gertrud Margareta Wetendorf. I´ve found one Gertrud Margareta Wetendorf born 15 april 1850 in Bisdorf Fehmarn. I wonder if it is the same G.M.W. Do anyone know anything about this. Or how I can found out. Fehmarn is not very far from Kiel, and her age is possibel I think.
Thanks for help
Mats Sjödén Sweden

Denise Wallack
Thorston, Thorsten, Mewies, Paustian, Hagerdon

Looking for any information about Emma Thorsten/THorston who married William Mildenstein.  Emma Parents were Detlof Thorsten and Anna Koenig.  I believe Nicholas had a sister Gertrude and Catharina brothers Hans, Heinrich.  There may be a relative with the name Emma Mewies from Beemer, NE.  A Jacob Hagerdon and someone with the last name Paustian.



I'm particularly interested in the link of Fehmarn with Radecker.

I have noted in your letters that the name Radecker is relevant to this family history search.

Can you please supply more information?

My great grandfather came from Germany and it is believed that we are the last of the Radecker's, as the remainder who stayed did not survive.

Any information you can supply would be very helpful.



Kathy Hanson
Seyfert, Buthje, Marweg    


I'm looking for a "Sigrid" who was 5 years old in 1954 and lived
in Strukkamp.  She must be related to the Seyfert or Buthje family.  A picture of her and her mother was sent to my Grandmother and I'm searching her identity.  Thanks for your help!


HOEPPNER, Richard Allen
HOPNER, Herman, Hans, Gotfried


My grandfather Herman Henry Hoeppner immigrated with two brothers Hans and Gotfried to America in the  late 1800's.  Uncle Hans and his wife Mary returned to Fehmarn in the 1950's and lived out their lives there. There was also a sister Anna who I met when she visited America in the 50's. Historically the family owned the
Gastviertshaft Von Hoppner in Burg.  When I was in college in the 50's my grandmother Wilhelmina Hoeppner received a letter from a cousin Deter who was attending the University of Heidelburg.  Contact with any members of The Great Family would be appreciated.


Reinhild Asmuth
Ch 6072 Sachseln Schweiz


IN KÖLN: FAMILY AUGUST UND FRIEDRICH ASMUTH in Arnsberg 150 years ago: Bernard, Franziska, Carl, Gertrud, August Asmuth(1835- 1858) maybe they went to Amerika. only August Asmuth stayt at that time. there Father was unknown, they were 7 children and only a mother at that time, maybe Georg Gosebrink was their father.


Johannsen  or  Hansen     


I have a friend who lives here in Australia who has never known his father, I believe his father was born 1915 in or near Schleswig Holstein but in 1915 could have been Norway. The Father's name was Christian ANDREA JOHANNSEN I believe he didn't use the Christian but was known as Andreas.
 He was in the SS and may have died in 1938.
His (Andreas) Mother was Friedricka Hansen.

I would love any information if you can help me trace some.

I will get more details from my friend Andrew should you be able to help or I can help you if we know any more.

Any information will help my friend find who he is as he doesn't know very much about his parents.

Thanking you in anticipation,
NSW Australia

Thomas Wheeler

I am researching a paternal ancestor Henry THEDE, who census info lists as Schlewsig-Holstein as Place of Birth.  Could Thede by Fehmarn's Thode, just incorrectly spelled in immigration? ? Henry Thede born in 1843, ended up in the Quad cities of Illinois/Iowa


Hans Schmütsch

I am very interested to know abt. the other familyresearcher of my family Schmütsch, Meß/Mess, Kock and part of Mackeprang oo Matthäus Schmütsch ( not Mathias as it was Matthäus ).
Thanks and best regards from Bremen.

Charlotte Stenberg

Does anyone have biographical information about Peter Wiepert who founded the Heimatmuseum on Fehmarn ? I am also looking for more information about the research that he conducted on the "Husbrannt", or family wooden gables found on the old farmhouses. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Denise Wallack
Mewies, Hagerdon, Paustian

I am looking for information on a Mewies family from Beemer, NE.  I am also looking for information about a Jacob Hagerdon from Gladbrook, IA.  Also for information on the Paustian family of Iowa.  I believe these names are associated in someway with the Mildenstein or possibly Thorston/Thortson,  Voss families. 

Susie Marten

I am trying to make contact with any descendents of Andreas Marten who immigrated 1880s first to Iowa and then to South Dakota.  His mother, Bertha Schielderup (sp?), horrors - was not from Fehmarn- and possibly from Norway.  I really need info on her and/or more biographical data on her husband known as Andrew Marten.


I am looking for information on Max Gloe, Mathias Gloe, Ernst Gloe, and Anna Westensee who are from Fehmarn. Thank you.

Marlene Harmsen Clemens

My grandmother was born on the island of Fehmarn in 1877.  She came to the US in 1896 or 1897. Her parents remained in Fehmarn.
Her name was Kathyrn Dorothy W.Bosler.  I have no information about her family although I was told that she had one sister. The family's oral history indicates that her father may have been a ferry boat captain. The same source also indicated that she was engaged and her fiance developed tuberculosis. At that point her parents quickly sent her to friends or relatives in the US. She died when I was very young and there was very little if any contact with the two families after her death. She did have a nephew who was taken as a prisoner of war and was detained at a camp in Bismarck, ND.  I can remember my father and his siblings driving to Bismarck to see him.  She suffered many losses during her lifetime and I remember her as a sad individual.  If the story sounds familiar to anyone I would appreciate hearing from you.

Your Name:   G. Töpfer
Your E-Mail: cfcfgto@yahoo.de
Surnames:    TÖPFER


1. Justina Christiana TÖPFER, nee SIEMSEN. b.15.11.1806 Burg/Fehmarn, oo 11.7.1828 (Burg)Gerhard Hinrich TÖPFER,lived in Burg 1860, died after 1867.
I haven't found a death entry for her in the Burg parish register. When and where did she die ?

2. Heinrich TÖPFER, b.1826
He was a son of Gerhard Hinrich TÖPFER and/or Justina Christiana SIEMSEN (oo 11.7.1828 Burg). He has neither been baptized in Burg nor in Landkirchen
1835 he lived with Gerhard and Justina TÖPFER in Burg
1840 no longer in Burg
1846 tailor's apprentice in Heiligenhafen
1855 no longer in Heiligenhafen
Where and when was he born and what became of him?

3.Charlotte TÖPFER, b. 2.1.1832 Burg
1855 she lived with her mother Justina TÖPFER in Burg
1860 no longer in Burg
neither married in Burg nor Landkirchen (1855/62)
What became of her?

Jerry Wittrock

I am August Wittrock's great grandson. August Wittrock had at least 8 children Albert, Lewis, Amel, George, Frederick, August, Lizzy, I am not sure of the last two. I would like to get any information on any of them or their ancestors. Thank you very much.


Donald Kay
Kay, Lafrenz, Lange, Mandelo,

I am looking for information regarding Hans Heinrich Kay, who is the father of Danial Ferdinand Kay. When was he born and was his wife Anna Catherina Lafrenz? also birth date for Han's father, Hans Joachim Kay, and his father, Hans Detlef Kay. I was in Petersdorf in 1971 but had a difficult time reading the old german script.


Donald Jafvert
Dora Giebelstein

My grandmother was born in Germany. She married my grandfather, who was also German but her ancestory was forgotten and never mentioned.  Some have said perhaps she was Jewish.  My brother and I and our cousins know nothing.  Can you be of help. Her brother was Henry.  They both settled in the Davenport, Iowa area. Thanks for any help you may give.


Alison McLucas


I am sending this from Bundaberg, Australia, in the hope that my great grandfather, Hans Christian Rickert, came from your area.  The only information I have is that he was born on 18th November, 1854 to Max Rickert and Catherine Dalfs. Oral family history says he was born in Bad Segeberg, but my researcher has been unable to trace anyone called Hans Christian Rickert in Bad Segeberg or the surrounding area.  When I looked at your website, I noticed some of the names listed were similar to the names of the children of Hans Christian Rickert and Anna Schnepel.

At this point, I will explain why I cannot be sure if the birth date is correct.  Family stories say that Hans Christian Rickert was in the German merchant navy but he jumped ship in Rockhampton, Australia and subsequently married Anna Schnepel on 26th June 1879 in Australia at Anna's brother's home at Moolboolaman. One of my relatives claims to have seen his German uniform in Sydney, when she went to visit one of my great aunts (Hans' daughter) many years ago.  The story says the Navy caught up with him just before his death on 20th February 1896 but no action was taken as he was dying at the time.  He strained his heart clearing scrub land for our local sugar mill.
I have traced his wife Anna Schnepel to Schafstedt, Germany. She was born on 18th November 1846 (Note the same date, different year).  We feel he may have changed his birth place and birth day to throw his pursuers off the track.  Anna only arrived in Australia in March 1879 and married Hans in June 1879, so we feel they may have known each other in Germany, or they arrived on the same ship (Charles Dickens).  Anna had a child in Schafstedt in 1872, but it died at 9 months of age.  She put her year of birth on her marriage certificate as 1849, but papers from Schafstedt say 1846, which would make her eight years older than Hans.
They had nine children and here is where I wondered about the similar Rickert names in your area (Perhaps they were Hans' relatives)  Anna Catharina, Emma Louisa, Bertha Claudine, Hans Herman, Ernst Christian, Anna, Toni, Dora and Christian (my grandfather)
Here's hoping there is some connection.

Cheri Jex

Immigrant ancestor, Adolph George HARTWIG, born 20 Feb 1883 on the Isle of Fehmarn; married Anna Margaretha KRUG 28 Jan1904 in Nebraska; died in West Point, NE. Need his parents' names and town of birth as well as immigration information. Numerous descendants in America. Thanking you, Cheri


Cindy Frensko
Baumgarn,  Jansen,  Buttschoff

I am looking for info on my great grandparents Jurgen Baumgarn and Wilhelmina Buttschoff Baumgarn and they had 8 children. one of those children was my grandpa Jurgen George Henry Baumgarn. then Jurgen married Agnes? and had 2 children, I would sure appreciate anything you can find on these people. Thank you...Cindy Frensko I forgot to tell you these people were all born on Fehmarn and my grandpa George came to America in 1911.


Cindy Frensko

I am looking for info on my great-grandfather Nickolaus Jansen who was born in Fehmarn and came to America, I don't know when. He was born january 26,1869. He had 2 sisters, Dora, Christena who married Hans Baumgarn. He had 2 brothers, Jacob and Henry. I think they came to America in 1888. this is all the early info that I have on Nickolaus Frederick Jansen. Any info is greatly appreciated.            Cindy Frensko


Tommy Lane
Voderberg, Scholl

info on Heinrich Voderberg, born 13 Sept. 1849 or spouse Rachel Scholl, born 1871. They would be great-grandparents to me. Thank You

Mary  Kohlhof

Any KOHLHOF espec. of Richard from Fehmarn


Jean  Bennington

My gr gr Grandfathers name was Fracis Theodore Wiepert who i was told was born on a ship coming to England from Germany about 1810 . His occupation was furrier and he worked and lived in Clerkenwell London. He married Martha Kidman about 1830,their first son was Theodore Augustus who died in infancy,second son named also,and third son Charles Frederick who all died.Two daughters survived Martha and Louisa Eliza Wiepert.Any information concerning these names would be appreciated .


Mitzi Poulin

I have an original complicated chest signed by "Carl Wendel 1888 Fehmarn" that I wanted to know about.
I hope anyone one of you can help.

Thank you.

Mark Schmidt

I am looking for information on Peter Schmidt. He stayed in Germany when my great grandfather Joseph Schmidt and my great grandmother Agnes came to the u.s. between 1903 and 1906. Joseph was born on March 6, 1880 at thamen(?) Holstein Germany and was in the military in 1899.he was a farmer most of his life. our information has them coming from Lempenhalen on the island of Fehmarn. would be interested in finding any member of Peters family.

Andreas Corneliussen

Claus Reiss born ca. 1749 in Ripsdorf, Kirchspiel Grube

William Gottsch

I am seeking information on the Detlef Ernst Anton Eyberg anscestors. Also looking for descendants of: Johannes Heinrich Theodor Eyberg Peter Johannes Ludwig Eyberg Carl Ahrend Eyberg.

George Block

I am looking for the ancesters of Emil Harenberg (about 1875-about 1950) and George Harenberg (1899-1956)

Karen Nihsen Wagoner

Nico Nissen was my grandfather, born in Staberdorf, Fehmarn. Many of his siblings remained on the island: Claus, Emma, Heinrich, Meta, Caroline, another Emma. I am looking for their children (one was Henry) - and their children's children from the island. They were from Staberdorf. My email address is: wags5@kc.rr.com

Karen Nihsen Wagoner

Who are the parents of Heinrich Nicolaus Nissen born 13 Dec. 1898 in Staberdorf?

Who are the parents of Heinrich Nicolaus Nissen born 5 Sept. 1889 in Vitzdorf?

t marinello

searching for family info. on August Martin Friedrich Scheel, date of birth approx. 1864. Also correct birth date.

Gunnar Bech Møller

Does anyone have any information on my great great grandfather. The only available information I have got is that Hans Georg Pauli Clausen, Petersdorf - Fehmarn - Holstein was born in 1820. And the fact that he married Ane Jørgensdatter somewhere in Denmark, probably Lolland.

I thank you for your time.

Karen Diamond

Looking for information on my great-great grandmother Agnes Wulf, born in Gallendorf, Fahmarn Germany or Fehmene Germany.

Looking for Charles Spiese, born 8-15-1884. mother Fredaricka Spiese, maiden name Fredaricka Lafrantz. Brother Max, Sister Agnes.

I am looking for information on my grandmother whom came through ellis island between 1900-1905. She was born Agnes Catherina Scheel on September 1, 1897 in Vadersdorf to Anna Margaretha Scheel with the name Augusta showing up on occasion. Any help would be appreciated.

Horst Melander

I´m looking for ancestors and siblings of Paul Melander, a tailor, who lived in Grossenbrode, Schleswig-Holstein, district (Kreis) of Ostholstein, Germany.

It appears Paul Melander was born 1723 in ??Matrat??, Skåne, Sweden. The correct diction of ??Matrat?? was not to identify. Maybe it stand for Mastad, Blekinge Lan; Marstad, Kalmar Lan; Marstad, Ostergotlands Lan; Marsatt, Jamtlands Lan; Marsta,Stockholms Lan; or something else?

His parents are Nils Melander and Gäla Rueschen or Ruschen, Skåne, Sweden.

First marriage 10 Nov 1752 with Wiebke Hayen, Grossenbrode, Germany. Second marriage 18 Nov 1773 with Magdalena Catharina Hayen, Grossenbrode, Germany. Paul Melander died 06 Mar 1801 in Grossenbrode. He was 78 years old.


I am trying to find the Kluever family Coat of arms and cant find it anywhere

Andrew Tait
Störtenbecker, Venda (?)

I am an Australian decendent of Henry (likely Heinrick) Störtenbecker (Anglicised to Stortenbeker), Carpenter, born around 1848 in Fehmarn, son of Jacob Störtenbecker (Stone Mason) and Matilda Venga (maiden name likely Anglicised). Henry came to Australia around 1863. Any information about where in Fehmarn he was born and anything else about the family would be appreciated. I live in London now and would like to visit Fehmarn once I have more info. No mention I believe of these Störtenbeckers on this web site so far. Thanks Andrew

Renato Petersen Filho

Franz Wilhelm Hinrich Petersen born in 30-12-1786, emigrate in 9-5-1824 to Brazil

Frederick Sambdman

Hi Sue

It would be great to speak with you about family genealogy. From what I can gather, you are the world's expert on the Sambdman family. I would like to get more info on my dad, Gustav. I have uncovered when he left Hamburg, the ship and the date he arrived at Ellis Island and who he came with, but can't locate him in the Ellis Island archives. I think it would make a great gift if I could get a copy of the ships manifest record. I am trying to look at government records but have not had a lot of success. My brother Dave and I are planning to go to Germany in the next couple of years to see if we can locate Dad's roots and look around. My phone is (563)299-6535 and address is 408 Brook St. Muscatine, Iowa 52761. It would be great to talk with you. Thanks Fred


Hello my name is Stacey Fehman and I am interested in finding out more about the island. I have found in my search that it is also called the Island of Fehman instead of Fehmarn. Does anyone know what this means? I am trying to find out some more family history. Thanks

Brent Victor Smith
Sambdman and Hagelstein

I am the great-great grandson of Frederick August Sambdman and Catherina Dorothea Hagelstein. My great grand father is Heinrich Wilhelm Sambdman who is their son. I am trying to locate family members in this area. I was recently in the US Army and served for 4 years in the Rheinland-Phalz region. Any information for contacting these relatives would be most appreciated.

Thank You,
Brent V. Smith

Gerde Wittrock Ramos

My father, Rudolf Kurt Wittrock, born 3/2/03 to Kurt Wittrock, evidently had ties both in Essen, where he was born, and the Isle of Fehmarn. I have a picture of him tossing hay at a farm on Fehmarn. Would anyone know where that might have been?

Cynthia Beyer Johnson

I have been sent copies of my Ancestries..thru the website and Thanks to John Kostick..regarding my Great Grandfather Henry Beyer. I am very excited to know that I have found him. I am now looking to see if any of my relatives are still living on Fehmarn Island.. I am hoping to be taking a trip to Fehmarn Island this year.. If anyone has any information on the Henry (Henri) Beyer Family..Henry came to America ? but settled in Chicago, IL where My Grandfather Frederick Anton Beyer, his brother William Beyer and my Dad Frederick Edward Beyer was born. So I grew up in Chicago, IL.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Cindy Beyer Johnson

Note: Henry Beyer is born Heinrich Wilhelm Beyer on 28 Mar 1851 in Puttgarden


I am looking for information on August SUCKSTORF, who came to United States, Iowa, from Fehmarn, Germany. He married Anna Miller. They had 3 children, Donald SUCKSTORF (my father, born in 1918), Harold SUCKSTORF& Hilda (SUCKSTORF) GILL. I don't think the parents of August SUCKSTORF came to America and we don't remember their names. Can anyone help me out?

Patty Hartz Bean

Looking for info on Hartz and Graap families from Burg of Fehmarn.


Hello, my name is Stephanie and I am researching my ancestors. My mother does not know very much about her family and I am trying to find out what ever I can.

My grandfathers name was Fredrich Elmer Woehler, he was born on August 12, 1914 in Oldenburg, Germany. His parents were Herman and Mina (Tauden). Besides my grandpa there are four siblings, Alfred, Herman Jr., Meta and Margaret.

If these names mean anything to you or if you have any information or sources that may help me in my search I would greatly appreciate your help.

Thank you;


Astrid Dodds

I still seek my old friend Ute Neuwohner, who would have been about 20 in 1959 when I met her at a student workcamp in Worms, Germany. I later visited her and her family at Burg, Fehmarn, for a day or two. We lost touch after a few years. I am re-submitting my request as my email address has changed.

Santiago Chile

Hello, I need information from my grandmother, Emma Timm Held.


Robert Petersen
Haak, Gerds, Ehlers, Lafrenz

I am looking for genealogical info on Heinrich Christian Petersen, Elise Auguste Hermine Haak, Wilhelm Haak, Auguste Charlotte Sophia Bahr, who are direct ancestors of mine. Also Ferdinand August Otto Gerds, Carl Johanes Heinrich Ehlers, Magdalena Lafrenz, whose descendents would be cousin relatives of mine. I would like anything about any of them and their descendents.

Preuss and Nissen

I am looking for Mathais and Henrietta Preuss. They are my Great Grandparents and they had three children come to the USA in about 1903 through 1909 or 1910. Those are August Preuss born Oct 28, 1887, Henirich August Hans Preuss or (Henry) born Jan 26, 1892 and Hermann born 1889. Appreciate any information you have to share.

Nissen family- Dora Nissen came over in 1908 with her daughters Emma and Agnes Louis Nissen (my Grandmother) and son Adolph. I believe Henry Nissen was married to Dora and they came to the USA. Looking for Henry Nissens parents. Thank you

Joanna Ruddy

I wondered why my great grandfather Charles Henrich Hagelstein left his family to come to England around 1867and what happened to his brother Johannes and his father and mother?

Jean Bennington

My Gggrandfather Francis Theodore Wiepert was born about 1812 , was a furrier in Clerkenwell London , told he was born on a ship coming from Germany , would be pleased for any information

Celia Mckenzie
Brodersen and Hansen

The Fehmarn query I have is for records of Frederick Brodersen and Maren Hansen his wife from Denmark. They Immigrated to N.z. then to Argentina and then Alberta, Canada. Their children were Anna, Frederick Edward, Mathew Josiau, Ozwald. I am a descendent of Mathew. Thank you.


Just trying to find information on the meaning, origin and location of my last name. Thank you

Brenda Noble

I am searching for A LaFrenz relative of Gladys Smith. I have an aunt, cousin to Rose Monk, Glady's mother, who would like to send a bible that Rose had won in Sunday school to the genealogist in the family. I believe it was Jerry that I had contacted before. Any information would be appreciated as this relative is elderly and would like to pass on the bible as soon as possible. Brenda Noble cnb.noble@sbcglobal.net

William KAY

Paul Heinrich KAI, Had a Blacksmith shop in Bisdorf. After his death the family came to America, all except George who remaned in Bisdorf. Need Information on the birth date of Paul also who his parents were. Paul must have died around 1908,as did one of his sons, Nicolaus KAY. Paul was my Grandfather..

Guenther Massmann
Itzstedt Holstein-Deutschland


ich bin auf der suche nach meinen Vorfahren mit den Namen Massmann Masmann, Maßmann such alles was mit den namen massmann zu tunen hat.... um 1650 bis heute  können sie mir helfen..... ganz spez. bin ich auf der suche nache einem  Carl Friedrich Massmann geb. um 1734 geb.-ort unbekannt.. vielen dank

guenther massmann www.massmann.info

Brett Schmahl
Schmahl, Schwenn

I would like any information you have on the Schmahl or Schwenn families. My family has alot of information, and I'm sure I could help clear up misspellings of some of the names, and add more names of descendants, like myself. Thank you very much for your time.

Helen Gentry

I'm looking for information regarding Louisa Catherine Clausen, born 28 Jan 1815. I don not have her parents name of her place of birth. She married Mathias Thiessen. They immigrated to the USA in 1852 bringing 8 children with them. If you have this info please help me find her family.

Patricia Max

I am researching the KAY family, my husband's grandmother's family. I am searching for information on Hans Joachim KAY who married Gesche SCHULDT on Jan 6, 1801 in Petersdorf and his brother Hans Heinrick KAY who married Ann Catherine LAFRENZ. I believe Hans Heinrick was a weaver from Kopendorf. Hans Joachim was a farmhand.

I'd like to know more about when they arrived on the island, any children Hans Joachim and Gesche had, and if all of Hans Heinrick's children were born in Petersdorf. The only documentation I have for the family indicates that only two children were born there - Daniel Ferdinand and Heinrich.

Thanks in advance.

Patricia Max

Daniel Schwarck
Schwarck Schwark

My ancestors came from Fehmarn and I really need some help getting more info on (Detlef Friedrich Schwark). Detlef Friedrich Schwark, born about 18??>>>>Martin Hinrich Friedrich Schwark, born Abt. 1834 in Mummendorf, Fehmarn>>>>>Heinrich Friedrich "Fritz" Schwark, born 09 Apr 1864 in Landkirchen, Fehmarn; died 1924>>>>>Louis Schwarck, from Elbow Lake, Minnesota ( Great Grandfather, Louis and >>>>>Verlyn Schwarck, Elbow Lake>>>>Gary Schwarck>>>>Daniel Schwarck


Carol Thode Boucher
Henry Christian Thode, Etta Holtz

My grandfather Henry Christian Thode was born November 2, 1890 in the county of Landkirchen, Germany, Married Etta Holtz, from Kiel, Germany. Arrived in USA 1906, on vessel Pretoria from Hamburg. Henry Christian Thode's siblings are: Nikolas- db-April 7, 1868 Landkirchen, Germany, Gertrude Thode Holm, Katherine Thode Kruger, Fredericke Thode Witt, and Agnes Thode Kilver. Parents were: Henrich Thode and Anna Weiser of Germany. Baptized: Evangelical Lutheran. I would like to know if anyone has any information on this family, occupation, interests and location and contacts. The information I received was from Declaration of Intention papers filed in USA and citizenship papers. I have a few photos and a map of the area my grandparents came from (Keil and Ferhmarn) in Germany, but is no longer listed during reorganization of Europe after the war.

Thank you in advance to anyone who will be able to offer information or knowledge of this family.

Carol Thode Boucher
24221 230th Avene SE
Brooks, Minnesota 56715 USA

Caroline Jaffe-Castle
Nissen and Jaffe

My grandfather was Prof. Rudolf Nissen on my mothers side and on my fathers side was Bernard William Jaffe I am very keen to continue searching our family roots especially my grandpa Prof. thank you for your help

Carlos Tardel

Probable names were Peter Tardel, Matthias Tardel or Jacob Tardel

Diane Anderson
Ludwigs, Witte

I hope this is approprate to ask. I will be in Germany from April 6th to May 9th. I am hoping to spend several days in Fehmarn. Where do you stay when you go? I am clueless how to get there, where to stay, etc. Please help me. Thank you so much.

PS Several years ago I was in touch with John on this website frequently - life has gotten in the way - now I'm back on track doing family research. Have lots to share with you - Thanks. D

Martin Weideman

I am seeking information on persons with the surname of Weidemann who lived either in Eutin or surrounding towns in the early 19th Century. My Great-Grandfather Carl Frederich Weidemann was supposed to have been from Eutin. He immigrated to Denmark as a young man. He was a master cabinet maker.

John Bargholz Sr
Claus Reise and descendants from Großenbrode

From information on the Fehmarn Genealogy Site, I have found that my tenth Great Grandfather was Claus Reise, no date or place of birth shown. His daughter, Thrinke (Anna) Reise, is shown to have a birth date of Abt 1662 and to have died August 15th, 1736 in Großenbrode. She married Hans kruse on December sixth 1683, in Großenbrode.
I have also found reference to a Claus Reise, son of Claus Reise, born in Großenbrode.
Additionaly, there is reference to a Peter Reise born Abt 1662 in Großenbrode who died May 30th 1728 in Großenbrode.
There are descendants listed for Peter and Claus from Großenbrode and they too show Großenbrode as their place of birth
I am wondering if anyone has information that would connect these folks to my tenth Great Grandfather Claus and my ninth great grandmother Thrinke (Anna) Reise Thank you, John J. Bargholz Sr. Yucca Valley, California

Darlene True
Muus and Boller


I am looking for family members of: Heinrich Muus born June 29,1889 (Son) Wilhelmine Muus born Aug 17,1848 (mother) Catharina Muus and husband Johann Theodor Boller Johannes Muus



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